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Silver Uses


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Silver in Colloidal form has been around for centuries.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the early Romans used it.

Colloidal means suspended as particles in distilled water. The particles are required to be smaler enough to stay afloat and not end up on the bottom of the container.

Silver is one of the nutrients no-one really talks about a lot these days. Though with our food supplies becoming so depleted in we have to start looking at our whole chemical compound and where we are getting all our vital nutrients from and the correct quantities. Nutrients are requires by the body to function at a healthy level.

Silver is generally only required in small quantities for our immune systems to function at full capacity and ward of unwanted ailments, keeping us fit and healthy.

It was in use as a preservative and is an all natural antibiotic.  In fact it has been shown to kill 650 micro organisms on contact within 6 minutes.

The best thing I think is the viruses that we have today the so called super viruses have no chance to mutate and no where to run when we use Cynthias  Colloidal “C”.  The Colloid takes the oxygen supply and basically suffocates the germ.

As today’s super strains tend to be running havoc and the present day anti biotics becoming less effective. We are turning back to what nature has provided us with.

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People have been scared by the blue man. Not sure if he is a real case or not, but it is possible with massive amounts of inferior products. The early silver in use had silver that was not pure and some rare cases appeared where there was a slight discoloring of the skin.  It is even said this is where the term  Blue Blood came from when talking about the royals.

With this understanding and the need and common use of silver this just doesn’t happen anymore. Make sure your supplier has a certificate validating there content of silver.

Uses of Colloidal Water

I have personally found silver water great for all types of cuts and abrasion.  I have also seen great results in arthritis sufferers.  Not really sure why this is but the swelling seems to go down and the pain is significantly lessened.

IT is great for pets as well 

“On the weekend our dog Jess came down very sick. I seen her outside struggling to go to the toilet. When she came inside she was walking very slowly and didn’t seem herself. Over the next hour she  got worse she could hardly walk and then she wasn’t moving, she was just laying there.

I got really worried about her and decided to give her some Silver C.  I got a nasal spray bottle and used it to squirt the silver in her mouth. I did that every half an hour for 2 hours after that time she got up walked outside and was able to go to toilet fine, but was a bit gastric. I now assumed she had had a upset stomach, she was feeling very hot to touch. I continued with colloidal  every hour and now she was happy for us to give her bigger doses I took the top of the nasal spray bottle and used the small bottle to tip some in her mouth.

After 4 hours we went down to every 2 hours of C Silver doses.  By that night she was a lot more herself and doing her usual bark/talk ( she is quite vocal in the way she talks to us) type she does to say hey I am hungry, she ate dinner but then went and slept the whole night. The next day she was her happy self again and as if nothing had happened.”


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