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Reported Benefits

Reported Benefits

See colloidal silverAll around the world everyone is looking for means to become healthier and live a stress free life, and with this, there are more and more health products coming up, with every marketer claiming how efficient their product is. While some of these claims are actually true, there are a whole load of others just aimed at luring the gullible segment into spending their money to make others rich. What is worse is that there is no way for the average person to accurately distinguish between the real and the counterfeit product; but on the flipside, there is a way to go around all this. Silver water , better known as colloidal silver, is one substance that has been consumed by many over the years, and its advantages have been tried and tested, and it has come out to be rated among the most effective health solutions.

In essence it adequately deals with things such as fungi and bacteria. It works by attaching itself to the bacterial cells, and taking from them, the oxygen that they need to stay alive. This way, such cells are eliminated, while at the same time, any multiplication that would have otherwise arisen is hampered.

Common Benefits

=>  It works as a natural antibiotic. The particles  are micro, so as to allow them to penetrate cells and destroy pathogens such as fungi, viruses and bacteria

=>  It helps in fast and effective healing of wounds. Take an instance where one may have a terrible infection that may have arisen due to factors such as a scratch from a dog’s toenail. This may contribute to some level of redness and even swelling, but when a dose is applied, the infection is bound to go away.

=>  When the substance is sprayed on burns, it effectively helps to deal with possible infections, while at the same time, ensuring that the wound goes away without any scarring.

=>  It contributes to the overall growth of any injured tissues, thus hastening the healing process

=>  Problem such as boils, warts, ringworms, and thrush and yeast infection can also be eliminated. Additionally, it effectively helps eradicate diseases such as arthritis, diabetes, cholera, malaria, stomach ulcers, herpes, fever and even acne.

=>  Unlike antibiotics, it works well to get rid of harmful bacteria, without harming the beneficial ones. It is thus a good option which helps in eliminating colds and flu.

=>    It helps in restoration and rejuvenation of cells. Most that have used this product have proved how effective it is in helping one sustain overall health; it generally boosts the immune systems, yet has no side effects. In this account, it greatly helps patients suffering from AIDS.

=>  It is a natural products and this is part of the reason why it has no known side effects.

=> The product is cheap, especially if you process it at home. Also, if you obtain it when it’s readymade, you may pay a little more and it spares you the hustle, but still the difference is incomparable to what one may incur in the event that one uses medicine from pharmacies.

=>  Its use is not restricted to humans. It can also be used as a disinfectant for animals such as cats, dogs and cows. It can be administered through spraying on the skin in order to get rid of germs and fungi. The solution gets rid of disease in animals, just as well as it does on humans; The benefits are irrefutable!

=>    In addition to the above benefits, when sprayed on plants, it acts as a fertilizer and boosts the development of plants, while helping to get rid of pests. Farmers are using it as treatment for their infected plants. Some have even used it on rose bushes to keep the flowers healthy and stop them from turning yellow; it can help get rid of aphids to keep the flowers looking beautiful.

In Conclusion

Many people have reported that the substance has unmatched healing abilities, and that its absence on the main stream is mainly because it serves as a threat to the status quo. Additionally, some people may want to down play some of the benefits  for the same reason-the substance may seem as a threat to the well established pharmaceutical companies. All in all, those who have used it have been satisfied with the result. What’s most important however is to get the substance produced in the right manner so that it is in its purest form as you use it. If you do not have sufficient time to make your own, not to worry because you can easily obtain it through a number of online stores.

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