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Does It Really Work

Does It Really Work

silver colloidalIs it really worth using. Let's look at the facts. In the early 1900's Colloidal Silver was used extensively to fight the dangers presented from pathogens. It was touted as the best anti-biotic of the time. Pathogens are the micro organisms that create infection and inflammation. They basically upset the bodies natural rythyms and are viral, bacterial and fungal in nature.

The way in which it works is that it starves the pathogenic cells of oxygen. Without the oxygen they suffocate and our lymphatic system transports them from our bodies.  The solution is  a substance that copies the way nutrients and vital fluids are delivered to the body.  All healthy cells in the body are activated and grow stronger and healthier by this delivery but foreign dangerous cells don't operate in this way and the silver fights the pathogenetic cells by disabling the oxygen being delivered to them making them inert.


Many researchers have looked at the benefits of using suspended solutions. Dr Harry Margraf a well noted bio chemist referred to Silver as “The best holistic germ fighter known to man”.  The scientific digest printed an article called ” Our Mightiest Germ Fighter”. It referred to CS as being one of the most beneficial wonders emerging from modern medicine. The article went onto say after extensive analysis it was found that silver solutions were able to kill over 650 organisms that were disease creating, normal antibiotics were known to only have an effect on about half a dozen. Resistant strains were unable to re-create.

Ideally it's good to take daily to allow the silver particles to build up. The CS is absorbed into the blood stream quickly and is moved throughout the body to the effected cells. It can take up to 4 days for the levels to build up within your system. Once built up they are truly effective and you'll start to feel a measurable difference.

Present Health Issues Tackled

Today our diets and even the food we eat are not of the same quality as days gone by. Take-away shops are everywhere. This has led us into a place were obesity, heart and cardiovascular disease has become the norm. Mainstream medicine has no answers to the many problems we face with our health.  Silver C has helped many people and now has many committed followers to it's benefits and health giving properties. It is now known as one of the supplements to ward off disease and if you do a little more research you will find many medical practitioners and healthcare professionals recommending it to their clients

It has been noted that patients suffering chronic and severe physical ailments have taken up to three times the recommended dosage for between 30 to 45 days before seeing results. If you are chronically sick be aware that removing toxins from the body rapidly sometimes results in body aches and pains and flu like symptoms as the body eliminates the toxins. Use your own judgement during this process.

Ensure yourproduct is clear and it is suspended in demineralised water. Sometimes the Silver can be a golden yellow. If you find any debris in the bottles discard it as it is probably contaminated or made from inferior ingredients.

This miracle solution has also been found as one of the natural medicines in many Eastern countries.

Silver minerals is known to be one of the trace elements required for the human body to function and defend itself. A lack of this vital nutrient can reduce the effectiveness of the immune system to ward off disease and cell dysfunction. Use Cynthias blend externally on cuts and is also ingested. It is safe for pets and is also used as a deodorant

Uses Of Silver

Silver was once used extensively for use against streptococcus. It was vastly used in the civil war to combat fungal infections inflammation in eyes,throat, nose and ears

It has also been suggested that Silver assists in the regrowth of tissue. People suffering from burns that have used CS report their wounds have healed up quickly when applied directly to the effected areas . Studies support this and have revealed that ions of silver assist bone development and bone growth by rendering the surrounding bacteria inert. The study goes on to say that a silver deficiency reduces the bodies immune system to function at its optimum.

Many people are even turning to Silver in the fight against cancer. It is believed that the cancer causing pathogens are removed using Colloidal. No scientific tests at this time have confirmed or denied this claim. The silver operates in a way to remove the supply of oxygen from the cell it leaves and allows the enzymes in the healthy cell tissue completely intact and therefore has no known side effects if taken in normal dosages.

As always consult your medical practitioner before taking any supplements.

So Is It really worth buying. You'll have to do the math yourself and come to your own conclusions.

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