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Making Your Own Solution

How To Make Your Own Supply

This Unique Blend is a substance that has been used for centuries.

It has been proven to be effective in the elimination of fungi, bacteria, viruses, and germs. Silver water can therefore be used as a deodorant, a spray, an anti bacterial element, and may even be applied to help get rid of the problem smelly feet. It is for some of these reasons that silver has been used in the lining of silver vessels over the years. Its non toxic element makes it safe for use without any side effects.

Making your own is something that many may not have tried out, but its best to do so in order to enjoy the great benefits that come with it. This is something that can be effectively done at home, but of course with some level of effort. The recommended voltage for making silver water is 30 volts, though one that goes up to 27 can work just as well. While going about it, it’s best to use uncontaminated water and silver, mainly because salty water is likely be clumpy and at the same time less effective.

Before you set out to make your own silver water, you will need several things including three 9-volt batteries, a milliamp meter (normally comes with two wires attached) clip leads, a fish tank aerator, insulated tubing (one that comes with the fish tack aerator make s good pick), silver strips each of 1/4 by 6 inches, and distilled water.

Now For The Recipe and Method.

1. First, before you use the silver strips, put marks 1 ½ inches from the ends of each, and be sure to clean them to get rid of any oils.

2. After this, get a dry jar (probably a mason jar) with a wide opening; it must be wide to allow for the spacing between the silver strips to be adequate.

3. Next,  bend the marked sides of the strips, onto the lip of the jar, so as to form a hook for each strip; the marked side should stay at least an inch above the jar.(The current that is to be produced will be controlled by four main factors which are: the size of the silver strips, the spacing between them , the solution conductivity as well as  the voltage used)

4. The water you use must be pure, thus, spring and tap water are out of question. You want to use water in its most purified form to be able to control the impact of the current.

5. Next, hang the silver strips in the jar, after which you should solder the batteries together in series, leaving only two open terminals onto which you then attach the clip lead clips. You can after that connect one terminal to the milliamp meter wires (it has two) and the remaining milliamp meter wire to the bent part of the silver strips.

6. Next, slowly pour in the water, till it gets to the markings that had been initially placed on the strips. The milliamp meter should retain a reading of 200 microamps or below.

7. You then need to place the insulated tube in the jar and make sure it reaches the bottom, then turn on the aerator so that only the water bubbles, but the strips do not move.

8. Remember that the conductor must attain a level that is about 6 times the initial current. If you begin the procedure at 100, be sure not to go beyond 600 microamps. The current should be maintained below one milliamp for you to be ascertained of no waste. In addition, the time taken for the final effect to be achieved varies from between 2 to four hours.

9. Once the required level is reached, you can remove and disconnect the batteries, and then get an opaque bottle, into which you can filter the silver water. Any matter left on the filter is clumped colloids. These should be as few as possible or none at all, for you to be assured of a useful final product.

The above steps should be followed to the letter, for the final product to be effective. It’s best to use the product within a period of two weeks, since if when kept for longer, the charge is lost and the efficiency is consequently diminished. The charge contained in the liquid, is what makes it possible for the ions to attach themselves to the destructive elements. Once you have your silver water ready, remember to keep it away from light because this diminishes its effectiveness. You need to take care of the material used in order to ensure that they stay in a good state in readiness for any subsequent usage. Thus, it’s important to clean, dry and store them appropriately. Remember, the more times you do it, the better you get at it, and in effect you can get to enjoy years and years of a healthy, infection –free life.

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