Find the best uses and doses of colloid silver

Natural Anti-biotics

The Forgotten Natural Antibiotic

 An Anti-biotic and Preservative through the Centuries

Cultures have used Colloidal Silver for centuries. Early American settlers used silver in milk to help keep it fresh. Early Greeks used containers lined with silver to prolong the life of liquids. In the early 1800's F.Crede an obstetrician use to it and apply the  Silver Nitrates into the eyes of new born babies nearly always preventing diseases that caused blindness. Western scientists finally caught up with their Eastern cousins in the early to mid 1800's discovering that silver was a great destroyer of germs, and by the time the 1900's rolled around most medical practitioners were singing it's praises. It was now called Antibacterial miracle and showed to be extremely effective against most strains of infectious germs. Silver was said to be completely safe for internal and external use and showed absolutely no side effects such as those of drugs. The advent of world war 2 seen the introduction of anti-biotics and the and the use of silver and it's great healing ability was soon forgotten.

Your Natural Health Protection

Silver in Colloidal form has many uses and is definitely “natures gift” of an antibiotic and also a disinfectant.

Nature and the creators of antibiotics are continually attempting to out do each other. As soon as the scientists create an antibiotic nature responds with a new super strain that fights of the quality of the antibiotic. Colloids always have an effect even on the so called super strains.

An Essential Element To Life Is Silver!

Nature intended us to get all the nutrients and vitamins from the food we eat. Your body generally holds about .001% of silver in the tissue and fluids. In time gone by the name Blue Blood was coined for people of royalty. This name came about because of the silver in their blood and the blue coloring of their skin. At the time royalty used all silver cutlery and plates and because of this they had large amounts of silver in their bodies. This blue colouring was caused by impure silver in the utensils. Today the condition is called Argyria and there is no chance of this happening when taking colloidal as long as pure silver is used when making the Colloid.

Our foods nutritional qualities have diminished radically. Our soil quality is not what it once used to be. Many people have even turned to the sea for sea vegetables to replace the poor quality found in land based vegies. Silver is one such element that has virtually disappeared from our daily food. Without this essential element in our food we have to look elsewhere to find it.

 What Is This Miracle Cure Exactly?

It is is basically silver suspended in liquid. It is antibacterial in Nature. It is a Natural Antibiotic. It works by removing the oxygen supply to dangerous micro-organisms causing them to suffocate. Because these single cell intuders are suffocated and not poisoned they are incapable of mutating and creating resistant strains. Disease creating organisms are destroyed and suffocated within 6 minutes of contacting the colloidal. The Silver solution poses no threat to any human enzyme or the chemistry of the human body

Silver is used in many widespread applications all over the United States. Even NASA recognises it's qualities. NASA use a silver system on the shuttle missions to purify the water. Medical Labs in UCLA found it to be effective on all viruses they tested it on. Major centres for burns are using silver to treat burns victims as it triggers skin regrowth and is antibacterial and antibiotic.

So What Is A Colloid?

A silver colloidal means the silver stays suspended in water and won't clump together or sink to the bottom of the container. Silver is required to be .001 and smaller to be effective. This is one of the governing factors when deciding on your supplier for Colloidal.

How Do I Use It

The mixture usually comes in darker bottles brown or blue. The liquid can be taken a couple of times a day. 20 to 40 mls each time. It is made from distilled water so just tastes like pure water. No need to mix it with anything else. It can be applied to cuts and abrasions. Generally the gel is better if used externally.

What About The Pharmaceuticals

Often I hear people ask ” If this is so good, why isn't it mainstream knowledge.” Like in many cases the natural solutions have been set aside in favour of cheaper more easily mass produced products that can be copyrighted. When penicillin came onto the market many other natural methods were swept away and forgotten about. Recently it has been found that the manufactured concoctions are no longer as effective as they once were. The pathogens are constantly changing and scientists seem to be always chasing a new cure and not a prevention to the issue. Colloidal along with other natural systems of healing are currently seeing a huge resurgence around the world. One because they work and Two there are no nasty side effects associated with the products.

In Conclusion

Using a certified solution like Silver C is one of the best ways to strengthen your immune system. It is truly an organic natural alternative to prescription anti-biotics. It seems to be an answer to many health problems facing people today. It is safe to use and has no apparent side effects and has been used for thousands of years for preservation and medical purposes.

This special report  is intended to be helpful not used as medical advice. Please consult your medical practitioner before taking anything. (I have to say this legally).
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