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bcs1What Is A Colloid?

A Silver Colloid is best defined as a suspension of a particular material which is found in another.  The term is used to describe individual pieces of silver which can be found in water.  These particles of silver cannot scientifically be classified as suspensions, as suspensions hold a definition which states that they are over 1 micron in size (1000 nanometers).  Colloidal particles are classified as being under 1 micron in size.  Actually, an atom of silver is no more than a quarter of ananometer.

What does this amazing product do?

This question has been discussed by Mr Richard Davies and his partner, Mr Samuel Etris, working for the Silver Institute.  It was discussed and suggested that there are three mechanisms that silver in water performs to debilitate disease-inducing organisms which may otherwise by found within the liquid.  These three mechanisms have been effectively described as “Catalytic Oxidation”, reaction with cell membranes and binding with the DNA of disease organisms — in this way, the silver prevents unwinding and incapacitates disease.

What does PPM mean and what does it do?

PPM stands for “Parts Per Million”.  The PPM in this instance is important to understand.  The PPM is best understand by thinking of it as 1 milligram of silver in 1 whole liter of water.  To be of best use within this liter of water, the 1 particle of silver should be divided into 1,000,000 different particles.  The reason for this is that it only takes 1 of these particles to debilitate a single pathogen.  It doesn't matter what size it is.  With this logic, the divided silver is now 1,000,000 times more effective than the 1 milligram piece.

Is It Bad If I Take Too Much? Is Overdose possible?

When it comes to dangers associated with the intake of these particles, there has only been one negative effect reported, known as the “Herxheimer effect” — this is best defined as the body's inability to dispose of the dead pathogens through normal eliminator organs, that arise from a large intake of silver.

This is due to the silver's extraordinary effectiveness at fighting pathogens in the system.  Because of this, the body may resort to disposing of these pathogens through other organs, including the lungs and. Based on research carried out by the U.S Environmental Protection Agency Poison Control Center, the particles are essentially harmless — there are no known allergenic or toxic reactions associated with the intake of the substance.

What can I use to contain the liquid?

When making Colloidal Silver at home use a high density polyethylene bottle or container the type of plastic used to contain milk .  It is characterized by the fact that it does not have a plasticiser that leaches out.  Based on research, it has been proven that this type of plastic does not have a negative effect on the strength or the effectiveness of the ions.  Glass on the other hand will actually have a negative effect on the silver pieces, due to its nature as a crystalline — Glass actually encourages crystal growth in the water.

Blue and amber glass bottles are only useful if the liquid has certain salts in it..  There is no reason for these particles to be kept in blue or amber glass bottles because it does not have silver salts within it.

Won't stomach acid ruin the effect?

A lot of people believe that when you consume silver orally, the ions will mix with the acid in the stomach and counter the effect. This is a myth and should not be taken seriously.  For ions to be effectively transported around the body's system, proteins are called into play.   The protein temporarily turns the ion inactive so the silver can be effectively delivered to the cell.

Metal ions are highly useful for a wide range of biological functions within our bodies– a number of the functions necessary contain what are known as “metalloproteins”.   These can be defined as hybrids of protein atoms like carbon, nitrogen and oxygen, with metal ions like iron and calcium.

A good example of this can be the saliva found in a person's mouth, which contains over 200 proteins.  This means that one's saliva has the ability to catch metallic ions before they have a chance to reach the acid found in the stomach.

What Quantity is left over in the body? 

This substance in its ionic form may take up to 2 hours to fully filter out of the human body.  Almost all of the silver is discharged through the intestines within the space of a single day.

As stated above, the ions consumed (the silver particles) are caught by the body's proteins and taken to the sites which are most in need. They are smaller than all bodily cells and so pass through them easily and without hassle. They are then carried away.


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