Find the best uses and doses of colloid silver

Silver For Pets

Keeping Your Pets Healthy

The power to destroy fungal, viral and bacterial infections in dogs, cats and human beings.

Girl with catSince it is non toxic, tasteless and odorless, professionals approve its internal and external use in dogs and cats. If you are after a healthy alternative way to look after your pets health and shun costly veterinary bills, it will help you to achieve this result. It can also help prevent many diseases in pets, treat illness and injuries, and keep your pet clean  as well as the  bedding.
This is less costly, simple to make and use option to pharmaceutical antibiotics.

The strength to suppress lethal canine parvo virus.

Canine parvo is the most ominous viruses among dog and kennel owners.It is known as a popular alternative treatment for pets or dogs suffering from parvo. Many pet owners have praised the product for its ability to save many lives. Conversely, conventional veterinary treatments fail since they only contain antibiotics, which cannot stop or treat viral infections. Unfortunately they prescribe them for canine parvo infection yet they do little.
You can also use it to treat cats since it is not harmful and it is odorless.

If your cat suffers from a viral, bacterial or fungal skin condition, use Silver C. While various essential oils are effectual in fighting such infection and are generally safe on dogs, never use them in cats. According to experts, you can use it on cats without any worry.

How To Use it On Your Your Pets

It's been found to be a  perfect alternative to both over the counter anti fungal treatments and pharmaceutical prescription and antibiotics for dogs and cats. You can administer it to your pets through its food or water, or apply to its fur or skin a number of times a day.
A small number of colloidal drops on a cotton ball make the best eyewash for animals with eye disease. Persian cats are vulnerable to eye infection and need to be eye washed daily.

Dogs and cats with ear infections can receive two drops in the ear. This is the safest and effective way to treat such infection. In fact you do not need to go for expensive pharmaceuticals or the veterinarian. Several drops  will solve this problem in two days.

Most people prefer to brush their pets' teeth. You can apply the product directly into the mouth to assist to curb bacteria, treat oral tissues and keep the teeth and gums clean. For dogs, you can add it to homemade tooth rinses and powders.

Your pets will always be cleaner and healthier. You can keep the bedding of your pets clean and free from bacteria and other micro-organism by spraying those frequently using it undiluted and letting it to dry.

To keep your pet's immune system stronger and prevent infections, you need to put one or two tablespoons in the water or food.

Safeguard opened containers and cans containing your pet food in the refrigerator. You can make the food last for more days by adding some drops of colloidal silver to it.

In case your cat or dog suffer an injury, dab or spray colloidal silver on the lesion. It is advisable that you bandage the wound till it heals.

What To Look For When Purchasing 

For it to work as an antibiotic, it must have tiny particles to attack bacteria. These particles must be smaller than the bacteria. Therefore, it is important that you use a properly tested and calibrated generator. This type of generator will produce nanoparticles.

In case you want to use CS  internally as an oral antibiotic, it is essential to understand how it is made. It should be of very pure silver rods that are 99.99999% pure silver and pure water having no pollutant. Distilled water is preferable. (Our product has been laboratory tested and meets the stringent requirements.)

Do not use baking soda in your solutions. Such a process will produce a silver compound known as silver chloride. Silver chloride is popularly known to cause argyria.  Argyria causes blue or grey skin discoloration.

It is economical to make yourself at home for pets using a specific generator. Since you are controlling the process, you are assured of high quality.

In Conclusion

Clinical studies have showed CS is more effective than pharmaceutical antibiotics. It is very effective since it does not leave behind any traces of mutations. Mutations are the major cause of current antibiotics-resistant sprain of super bugs.
In many in vitro research studies, colloidal silver in quantity of 1-5 ppm is effective in killing bacteria within less than five minutes. For instance it will easily destroy bacteria such as e.coli, staph, klebsiela and strep. These bacteria cause problems including bone inflammation, diarrhea, boils, tooth decay, dental plaque, heart valve infections, arthritis, strep throat, respiratory infections, scarlet fever, skin infections, wound infections and food poisoning and many others.
Your pets are part and parcel of your family. You can take good care of them just like other family members by using Our Product. In addition, you can protect them from needles and visits to the veterinarian. In this way your pets will remain healthier and live longer.

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