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Bottles ColloidalColloidal Silver is becoming one of the more well known antibiotic alternatives, however not everyone is familiar with all of the uses of it. There's abundant evidence that shows that the best way of preventing disease and illness  is to have a strong immune system. A healthy lifestyle that supports a strong defense system, will significantly reduce the odds of getting sick or unhealthy.

These type of products have many different uses. However, maybe the most important is helping to support a healthy immune system. It has been shown that silver products can kill off a wide range of pathogens, if they are used regularly and they also help to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria.

Having an strong defence system that is healthy is important, because if your body is strong it can easily fend off harmful germs and bacteria trying to invade your body. When the immune system is supported and stable, it focuses on keeping your body disease free and healthy. In order to keep  your immune system healthy,  regular exercise and a healthy diet are a must as well a supplementation as required. I find it best to just learn how to listen to your body. This is a great skill to learn as we tend to get subtle messages an a regular basis as to what we require to remain healthy. I also buy and use Cynthia's Australian made product  on a regular basis to keep me in top shape and avoid any nasties that may try to invade.

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 Silver Uses

When illness, disease or ailment does happen to strike, Cynthia's special blend  can be very helpful. Some of the more common uses of Colloidal Silver are:  urinary tract infections, sore throat, sinus, fungal bacteria, upset stomach, food poisoning, eye infection, ear aches and cold sores.

In addition to helping to treat sickness, they can also be beneficial in helping to treat some of the more common ailments such as sunburn, insect bites, diaper rash and other types of rashes, cuts, wounds and burns. Many people have used  it for  water purification as well.

One of the more commonly reported benefits of  Water with suspended particles of silver in it  is the ability for fighting bacterial bacteria and germs. There have been studies that show its effectiveness in killing more than 650 different micro organisms. One of the main reasons why the substance is so effective in combating bacteria is because it disrupts the enzyme that is needed for harmful bacteria to breathe. The atoms of the silver adhere to the harmful bacteria's DNA, preventing it from uncoiling which prevents it from replicating. Some other dis-eases that silver has been proven to be effective in fighting are bladder infections, sinus infections, pneumonia and Silver for cellulitis.

Using Minerals To Fight Viral Infections

The Use of special water blends has been shown to be effective in helping to fight viral infections. This is very important, as safe, effective ways for fighting viral infections are rare. It is very expensive to treat serious diseases like Hepatitis C that have viral pathogens. It can take as much as a year's worth of treatments with an uncertain success rate. It can also be used to treat other painful viruses like bronchitis to help relieve discomfort and allow the immune system on its own to work the infection out.

Some  product users have claimed that the natural supplement provides a fungal infection attack that is two pronged. First bacteria is removed that may be affecting the immune system. This helps the body be better able to fight off an infection. Secondly, the fungus is attacked that caused the infection. Buy using this two pronged attack it can help with infections like yeast infections and athlete's foot.

Use  Externally 

It can be used externally as well. Many have reported being able to successfully fight acne through the direct application to their skin. Applying it in liquid form on a bandage may also help wounds heal more quickly. Hospital for years have used bandages infused with silver.

Another advantage is to support the immune system and for combating ailments and illnesses is that you don't need a prescription or doctor's visit to use them. This is very important under the current economic conditions we are living in where it is estimated that 43 million Americans have no health insurance.

You do need to be sure that the products you buy have been tested, but most of them will be safe to use and non-toxic. Of course you need to do your upfront research when using any medical treatment, whether it is natural or based on chemical and artificial substances that are prescribed by a doctor.

For centuries Water based Colloids have been used as a natural way of supporting the immune system and fighting off a wide array of illnesses and ailments.

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